Elburn Cooperative’s winning soybean team reaches high of 73 bu/acre in 2012.

For the third year in a row, the CHS Elburn high-yield soybean team took first place in District 2 in the Illinois Yield Challenge sponsored by the Illinois Soybean Association.

The nine-member team had the highest yield increases between their “standard” plots and “challenge” plots, says Jeff Keifer, Sales and Precision Agronomics Specialist for CHS Elburn.

“We do large, 40-acre plots. We also try a variety of different practices and inputs to grow high-yield soybeans,” Keifer says. “We brainstorm ideas and try something different.  Some ideas work and some don’t.”

The team formed in 2008 as part of an initiative to find ways to soybean yields. When the ISA began hosting the high-yield Challenge in 2010, Keifer says it was a natural step for the team to enter the competition. The team took first place in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The five-year, group average is 61 bu/acre with a range of 46 to 84.5 bu/acre. This year, the highest yield was just over 73 bu/acre.

According to the ISA, nearly 50 teams and 300 plots contributed to this year’s Challenge. Soybean growers in nine crop districts tested side-by-side plots, using traditional methods in one plot and innovative techniques in the other.

Click here (http://www.soyyieldchallenge.com) for a full list of Challenge winners and more information on the contest.

Elburn Cooperative completes Newark Seed Acquisition

SYCAMORE, IL, May 17, 2013—CHS Elburn Co. announced today it has completed the acquisition of Newark Seed on Highway 52 in Newark, IL.

On Wednesday, Steve Scalf and CHS Elburn completed the transaction, which began in 2007 when CHS Elburn took over the Pioneer Seed Agency operated by Scalf on Highway 52 south of Newark.

“We’re extremely pleased with the growth of our seed sales at Newark and with the help of our partners at Pioneer look forward to growing the business further, says Dave Myers, Agronomy Division Manager for CHS Elburn. “We have a great team at Newark and they are an important part of our agronomy offering in the southern part of our territory.”

In 2007, Scalf became an employee of Elburn and manager of the Newark location, and he continued to own and operate the bulk seed and treatment facilities. With the purchase’s completion, CHS Elburn will own and operate the bulk seed and treatment facilities. Scalf will continue to manage the location.

The site also employs two sales people, Fred Blue and Nate Rink, and seasonal employee, Jake Scalf, who handles seed treatment.

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