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As a farmer-owned cooperative, our first priority is to help our farmer owners’ succeed. We do so by strategically linking your business to markets in and beyond our local area. We also continually evaluate products, technologies and alternative markets to improve the value we bring to your operation.

Recently, CHS made a strategic decision to adopt a state-of-the-art technology at our Rochelle ethanol facility that will improve the plant’s processing efficiency and ethanol yield, while providing increased opportunities for you. This technology is Enogen® corn.

Enogen is a Syngenta seed brand that produces a specific enzyme for ethanol production and is now available here at CHS Elburn for planting in 2019. The ethanol plant at Rochelle is currently contracting approximately 27,000 acres of Enogen corn for the 2019 planting season as they operationalize the new technology in the fall of 2019.

This creates an exciting business opportunity that pays you in three different ways. First, you’ll be eligible to receive patronage on the Enogen hybrids you purchase here. Second, you’ll be eligible for patronage on the Enogen corn you market through our co-op. And third, you’ll receive a premium of 40 cents per bushel over and above the cash corn price for every bushel of Enogen corn you deliver.

It’s truly a win-win-win for farmers, cooperatives and our community. Enogen corn products come with high-yielding genetics and industry-leading traits. This allows you to capitalize on a specialty market premium without sacrificing yield and agronomics.

We understand that you will have additional questions about Enogen, including hybrid performance and yield, handling and delivery requirements, and we will be happy to answer them. Stop by CHS Elburn and let’s talk.

Thank you for considering the Enogen corn program. We hope to hear from you soon!


CHS Elburn

CHS can help you with strong solutions made simple – starting with Allegiant® family of seed. Allegiant seed, a CHS brand, puts advanced technology to work for you with genetic traits proven to bring you strong performance at a sensible price. For corn and soybean growers, these innovative selections can round out any operation’s seed portfolio with both yield and value. Working with CHS agronomy experts – local professionals that know your farm – you benefit from a customized plan that starts, literally, from the ground up.

And when you buy Allegiant seed, you’re buying from the company you own. Today, CHS is one of the top five ag retailers in the U.S. – thanks to the successful partnership we have with producer-owners like you. We’re proud to stand behind this relationship, built on agronomic knowledge, service, integrity, follow-through and a relentless dedication to helping your operation grow through every market cycle.

Make the decision for Allegiant seed this season and count on CHS to bring you the cutting edge solutions and timely, relevant information you need to reach your profitability goals. Allegiant seed – performance at a value price from people you can trust.

Asgrow®, delivering consistent performance and yield potential driven by exclusive genetics; innovations in products, traits, seed treatment and delivery options; and a commitment to the profitability of the American soybean farmer.

DEKALB® offers superior performance through exclusive global DEKALB®genetics; proven results with strong roots, stalks and yields; and a commitment to the future of agriculture through the newest genetics, latest trait technologies and investment in ag youth.

Every field is unique, with its own needs, requiring different hybrids and varieties, seed care and crop protection products. No one understands the importance of customized, tailored solutions better than your NK® Seeds retailer. What’s successful for one field may not yield for another. That’s why your NK Seeds retailer – backed by the unparalleled resources of Syngenta — helps you create a customized seed, seed care and crop protection package just for your acres. When results are what matter, get solutions that exceed expectations.

CHS Seed Resources provides a complete line-up of forage, cover crop, turf and native grass products. It supplies products to CHS seed dealers and farming operations across the United States through an industry-leading portfolio filled with varieties from the best breeding companies and seed producers.

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