Soil Tests & Scouting

Soil Tests Bring Your Challenges and Opportunities Into Focus

We offer you the resources to uncover new possibilities in your cropping system. At CHS Elburn we offer:

GPS soil sampling

Once your soil has been grid-sampled and GPS mapped, you’re prepared to take advantage of our variable-rate application. You can treat every acre according to its yield potential and distribute your fertilizer dollars for maximum effectiveness

Count on us to custom-apply according to your GPS map

Our applicators are experienced and dedicated to their customers.

And, when there is more you need to know

Certified Crop Advisors can perform additional tests as needed to learn more about what works on your farm, and may need to change. You can request . . .

  • Manure testing
  • Tissue sampling
  • Stalk nitrate sampling
  • Testing for soybean cyst nematodes

CHS Elburn, where you find everything you need.

Scouting Takes Time, But Yields Answers

Trust our team at CHS Elburn to monitor your fields for weed, insect, and disease problems. We offer three economical programs, so scouting can be within any customer’s reach.

  • Full-Season Scouting covers 16 weeks of visits, planting to harvest. You get written field inspection reports.
  • Half-Season Scouting gets you 8 visits from our scouts. You decide when our scouts visit to evaluate crop health at critical points in the growing season.
  • Single-Pass Scouting lets you have the benefit of our scouting expertise for a single diagnosis of conditions in your fields.

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